Windows 64bit Installer (VST2 & VST3 included)

Windows 32bit Installer (VST2 & VST3 included)

You might need this Microsoft update:



OSX Installer

OSX AU (requires above Installer first)

OSX VST2 (requires above Installer first)

OSX VST3 (requires above Installer first)



Linux support is currently very experimental.

Linux 64 bit standalone

Linux 64 bit VST

You will have to git clone or download and manually copy its vMPC dir to your home dir, so it looks like ~/vMPC. And you gotta chmod +x the binary.


Source Code

Github project (MPC static library, no executables, no GUI/audio implementation)

Github project (JUCE 2D implementation)

Github project (3D/VR implementation, Unreal Engine plugin, work in progress)